George Mason University Zeta Chapter

Alpha Epsilon Delta

The Health Preprofessional Honor Society 

Is there a difference between being on the listserv for AED and for Prehealth?

Being on the listserv for prehealth does not automatically let you become a part of AED, and vice versa. Prehealth listserv is how you officially become "premed" at GMU. Dr. Chuck will not allow anyone not on his listserv to be recognized as premed. Being put on the AED listserv is completely separate because we're two separate entities at GMU.  Although they are separate, both AED and Prehealth work very closely and coordinate simliar events.

In order to subscribe to the Prehealth Listserv, please follow the steps below:

  1.  Send an email to, with Subject being "prehealth-l" and Message being "SUBSCRIBE PREHEALTH-L"
  2. If you would like to unsubscribe, follow the step above and change the Message to "SIGNOFF PREHEALTH-L"

In order the subscribe to the AED listserv, please follow the steps below:

  1. Send an email to, with Subject being "premed-l" and Message being "SUBSCRIBE PREMED-L"
  2. If you would like to unsubscribe, follow the step above and change the Message to "SIGNOFF PREMED-L"

What is the difference between Alpha Epsilon Delta and other Greek/student organizations?

Alpha Epsilon Delta is a recognized Greek organization; however, we are first and foremost an honor society. AED is recognized as the nation's oldest and largest national Prehealth Professional Honor Society. We focus on volunteer work and important medical issues. We also require a certain level of membership activity to become/remain a member as well as GPA requirements that are more competitive than the other organizations at George Mason University. 

What is the difference between Honorary and Affiliate membership?

Affiliate members are recognized only by our Chapter (GMU AED is part of the Zeta Chapter), whereas National members are recognized by all chapters and National AED.

For Affiliate Membership, you require 20 points before induction with no minimum GPA and dues of $(TBA).
For National Membership, you require 20 points before induction with a minumum of 3.2 science and overall GPA, and a fee of $75.

How can AED Membership be revoked?

Members are required to maintain a minimum of 15 points between every induction to be a active. If this is not met, membership can be revoked and you will have to go through the induction process all over again (including paying induction dues).

What are the benefits of being an AED Member?

Benefits of AED membership include recognition of schools of various fields: medical, nursing, podiatry, optometry, physician assistant, pharmacy, etc., various volunteering opportunities and shadowing, accurate admission and application advice, direct networking with actual doctors and admission committees and officials, and other resources for certifications, workshops, admission tests, leadership, etc.  Also, membership serves as a very meaningful addition to the extracurricular activities required for competitive health professional applicants.

What if I can't attend meetings?

AED understands that everyone's schedules are different and not everyone will be able to make it to our meetings. For your convenience, the website, updated regularly, will consist of meeting minutes, upcoming events, and important announcements. For those of you who cannot sign up for events at the meetings due to time conflicts, there will be a sign up form available online. Events will be held on weekdays and weekends at various times. 

What if I can't attend an event after I've signed up?

Cancellations require at least a 72 hour (3 day) notice in advance of the date of the event. Failure to miss an event without notification will lead to penalization of points that should have been awarded for the specific event (which will instead be revoked).

When do points get reset?

Points reset at every induction, which is held near the end of every Spring semester. 

How can I become an AED Officer?
Elections will be held every Spring after the induction ceremony.